Breast is Best?

Like seriously…. I don’t get what’s up with this whole shaming against formula..? But if a momma chooses to breastfeed and her baby gets hungry in public, she must feed her baby.

Then we get hit with the anxiety attack, ‘is anyone looking at me’ ‘is anyone going to say something to me’. This isn’t right, we should be supporting and uplifting each other as parents not shaming each other!

In my opinion, I think everyone should attempt to breastfeed, some people just cannot do it and that’s okay! Even the first couple days after birth, there are so many essential nutrients in the colostrum, let’s just say its liquid gold! After that if you chose that’s not what you want to do, it’s okay because there is nothing wrong with a formula fed baby!

I say the only difference in breast and formula is the convenience. Breast is always there available for baby when they are hungry where as formula, they must wait while you prepare their bottle. You can still connect with your baby if you chose formula. How does dad, grandma and grandpa build a bond with a breastfed baby? By giving them a bottle, so why is it any different for mom to bond and connect with her baby if she chooses formula??

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