Breastfeeding & Why EVERY Momma Should Give it a Try!

Let’s start out with Colostrum. You’ve probably heard about colostrum but maybe you’re not completely sure what it is or maybe you have never heard of it before. Colostrum is referred to ‘Liquid Gold’ and it really is!

What is Colostrum?

Colostrum is a milky sometimes sticky liquid, in a yellowish/orange color. It’s the first fluid produces in all mammals within the first few days of giving birth. (Sometimes before you give birth). Packed with proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins & minerals and the antibodies protein that help fight against disease-causing factors such as bacteria and viruses.

For the first couple days of you baby’s life they with thrive for your colostrum. When your little one is born, their stomach lining is permeable, colostrum enters through their blood stream through the lining, helping plug up any extra holes. Colostrum helps clear out their digestive track helping build their first poop also helps your newborn adapt to the world from being inside the womb for 9 months. Colostrum helps your baby regulate their body temperature, vascular system, lung function and other parts of their tiny bodies.


Back in the day before penicillin and basic antibiotics, colostrum was the go-to for supporting the immune system. The pH levels in colostrum support and encourage the growth of good bacteria. Colostrum helps seal the lining of your baby’s belly preparing it for breast milk/formula and solid foods later in life. It acts as a natural immunization by preventing germs and any unwanted substances from entering the baby’s blood stream and causing your baby to become sick when they are at their most vulnerable state in their life.

Breastfeeding can come with a bit of a leaning curve, and some mamma’s and babies grasp onto it right away. If you’re up for the challenge, stick with it because it will get easier!

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