Maternal Separation Anxiety

One thing a new mom thrives for is some time for herself, but when she does get that time to herself, she feels an immense feeling of separation anxiety. That’s okay, but at some extent you need to come to terms with the separation anxiety because it not only hinders your child’s growth but also interrupt their bonding with other people.

I’m not going to lie, when I leave Malcolm with anyone I go over everything, sometimes even a couple times over again. I LOVE checking in on how he’s doing. I’ve come to terms with that feeling of needing to get back to Malcolm but that gut wrenching feeling is still there. Wanting to get back to him, does the person hes with have enough milk, will he take his nap okay or sleep through the night.

The first time I left Malcolm alone with someone else for the night, I paced back and forth in the morning debating on calling to see how he was over night and through out the morning. I finally broke down and called. That morning I learned, it’s a simple call away, I’m not invading on their time, just simple seeing how hes doing.

I ALWAYS worry that he’s going to wear the person down and they are just impatiently waiting for me to get back. Even if it’s only for half hour that I’m gone. I coo and gaga over him when he’s not around just to give myself that sense of ‘mommy feeling’.

I worry that they won’t be able to calm him down like I can, what if he starts missing me and feels this same anxiety feeling? He has no idea how to cope with that feeling other then long for his mommy to come home.

I’ll assure you, baby isn’t the one who feels the separation anxiety, not till they get older. They will love the adventures and exploring new faces, different activities and different voices. Remember the person he’s with, you’ve gone over everything with them, they may do things differently and find that they may or may not work. But they always have that advice from you sitting in the back of their mind.

Your little bub will be sitting there ecstatic that you’ve returned. Their face will light up, and smile from ear to ear. They will always love you unconditionally, remember that!

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