An Open Letter to BOTH Mom & Dad

Hey you, yea you! the one who came across my blog instead of focusing on your family. Do your spouse and kids a favor and take the picture. You won’t realize it in the moment, you’ll think ‘oh well see that again’ but truth is, your missing it all.

You see that women sitting in front of you? She the one who works so hard everyday to keep the household together. Without her the house would be chaos. She goes the extra mile to make sure her kids and you are healthy and safe. She puts in all the un-noticed work to make sure the house functions in a mannerly fashion everyday. Take pictures of her more.


Dad’s if you are lucky enough to have a spouse like me, take a picture of her after she’s fallen asleep while nursing you son . When she’s sitting on the floor teaching/playing with one of your children, or she’s simply holding their hand while you’re all out for an evening stroll. Take the picture, without sharing, save that picture.

Everyday your babies are growing bigger and older, one day it’ll be to late. You can’t go back in time, so take the picture before it’s to late. One day she’ll have her last breastfeeding session, she won’t tell you but it will hurt her emotionally on the inside. Eventually they will be off to school and she won’t have the chance to just hang out with them all day. For everyone’s sake, cherish these moments and take the picture.

The same goes for you too Mom’s. The other day I looked through my photos and I noticed I only have pictures of Malcolm. Some with mom or dad and very few as a family. The pictures are either when he’s being cute or hitting a milestone, with huge gaps in the dates. So MOM’S take the dang picture too.

Dad’s play just as much of a role as a mother does in a child’s life. Your children deserve the memories just at as much as you do. In the end, the child is the one who benefits. When they get older and have a family of their own, they can look back on those memories.

-Malcolm’s Mommy

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