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Big Brother Canada

Not many people know about Big Brother. When I’ve mentioned it to people over the years I’ve always gotten that confused look in return. My parents have always been dedicated reality TV fans. I grew up in a home with Big Brother, Survivor, Fear Factor and Amazing Race. Oh and American/Canadian Idol. I was never really the kid to sit down and be interested in any of them other then Big Brother. For some reason I LOVED the backstabbing and dirty games that went on.

Big Brother is a social experiment, a selected group of strangers are chosen to live together secluded from the outside world for 3 months. Each week, the house guest compete for Head of Household(HOH), Power of Veto(POV), and Have-Not competitions. Each week the winner of the HOH competition has to put two people up on the block for eviction. Half way through the week, the two nominees, the HOH and three other house guest compete for the POV. The winner of the POV has the option to remove one of the nominees from the block forcing the HOH to nominate someone else for eviction.

At the end of the week, the house guest, minus the two nominees and the HOH, vote to evict. Whichever of the two has the most votes, goes home. Half-way through, the evicted house guest get sent to a jury house where the remain secluded until finale night. The final competition is between the last three house guest remaining in the house. They are pushed to every limit in a three part HOH competition, where the winner chooses who they sit beside to go up against for the jury.

Sarah Hanlon Season 3 FinaleIt wasn’t until 2015 when I became a huge fan of the show. When Big Brother Canada Season 3 premiered, I told my father, “Sarah is going to win this season, watch” and what ended up happening… Yea that’s right I called it night 1. She really brought a good sense of humor to the house being labeled as a “pot head”. 420 Big Brother Style. Each week her strengths were tested, but she beat all the odds! She had strong friendships and connections with everyone in the house. She had her friends back when needed and felt the quilt when she made a wrong choice. She had a huge heart for her people, and didn’t take shit from the ones against her.

At the start of 2016, I binged watched seasons 1-3 in preparation for season 4 coming out. I payed attention to the small details and things people wouldn’t catch the first time watching. I’m ALWAYS so excited to see the house and cast reviles.

Ika Season 2Another one of my all time favorite players was Queen Ika. No one will ever be able to top her letter shredding in season 2. In her first season, she was the underdog with most of the house going against her. The week she was on the block, knowing she was going to be voted out, she was given the option of a cheque for herself or, a letter from home for each house guest. She has played in 2 seasons so far and shes been my favorite both times. She also came back and played in season 5 along with eight other past house guests. Although she may have never won Big Brother Canada, I’d say she still won! In season 5 she had met her now boyfriend Demitres. Ika was always playing as the underdog but never backed down. She really showed people just what she is capable of.

When Big Brother Canada announced that they wouldn’t be doing season 6, I felt a ball of fire inside. How could they cancel off one of the best shows running? Are they out of their minds? Thankfully there was enough response from the fans, they came back. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next group of house guests.

Casting for Season 7 is open know, click the link below if you think you have what it takes to be the next Big Brother Canada Winner.

Big Brother Canada Season 7 Casting Call

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