A Letter to 16 Year Old Me

Dear 16 Year Old Amanda(2011),

You see that boy that you think you’re so in love with? You think you love him, but that’s just for now. I really wish you would focus more on school and less on trying to find love. You’re a strong independent women who has places that her life can take her. I don’t know why you choose this lifestyle that you are choosing to adapt to, it’s not you, it NEVER will be you.

See Alyson there, stop being so mean to her, she helps you and is one of your best friends unconditionally. You’ll realize when you get older, just exactly what I mean by that. Everyone who comes into your life, you WILL tell them about sweet Alyson and how thankful you will be for her! Listen to her, take all the advice you can get from her.

As for Jordan and Dallas, J would be a great choose for you to stick with, but you have to get him to realize what an idiot D is. If you let J go, you will regret it…. He’ll always care about you and always be someone who’s there for you. Remember he was your first friend at this school. Be nice to him, don’t bully him, don’t switch up and make fun of him for being buddies with D. Maybe you can get him just to see the true side of who D really is. You knew best Manda, he was a shitty person & he isn’t someone you want to associate yourself with in the long run.

Stick with Judo, when you’re faced with the choice of work, Judo or boyfriend and one of them has to go, kick that jerk to the curb and work for who you want to be. Do Not give up on your dream! You don’t know it yet but your idol, Ms. Ronda Rousey, the black belt and Olympic champion in Judo? Yeah, she goes on to join the WWE and become the RAW Women’s Championship! Imagine that, your goal is to just reach the Olympics, see where Judo took her.

As for the job, please don’t stress yourself out, it’s only your first job! Your co-workers won’t mean anything to you down the road, so don’t bother giving them the time of day. Eventually the bullshit will become to much for you and you’ll think of a way to get out of that job.

As for your family, I don’t think your brother will every change. Matter of fact it only gets worse in the coming years. If you let yourself, you will go visit him every week when he’s sitting in Barton, & he won’t care when he gets out. He takes everyone’s support for granted and will always go back to his old way. Mom always said, his behavior goes with the full moon. Dad and yourself should really start to pay attention to the lunar cycles. For dealing with dad, just smile and nod your head, it’ll be over soon. If your not ready to move onto college after highschool, don’t let dad make your choices! I promise you mom WILL welcome you with open arms, Rockwood isn’t as bad as you think it is and there are some pretty cool people who live here.

Life does get better, but the first thing you need to do, is get rid of that sleaze bag you call a boyfriend. He’ll cause you nothing but trouble, drama and pain/hurt. You’re so much better then this and deserve someone who will show you what love really is.

September 23rd 2018

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