Challenges To Renting As A SAHM

Recently things went south with my living situation leaving me to find somewhere else to live. Through my struggles of even just trying to find a reasonably priced place is hard enough let alone meeting the criteria that landlords and homeowners have.

As a stay at home mom (SAHM), I have run into many boundaries in regards to looking for somewhere to live. – proof of employment by showing either recent pay stubs or a letter from your employer, references from previous landlords… etc.

One thing that really bothers me about landlords/home owners is they discriminate against the people who aren’t working. This doesn’t just apply to SAHM, it applies to people on disability and even the ones on welfare.

Asking for proof of employment in in any form, and making it a requirement should not be aloud in the renting/leasing world. Proof of INCOME would be different. Just because someone doesn’t have a job, doesn’t mean they have ‘no money’.

If you’re lucky, as someone living on government assistance, you might be able to find somewhere that doesn’t state in their ad about employment or any of that. So you take a stab at it and send an email inquiring. You get talking to the landlord/home owner, but when they ask you what your main source of income is and you say anything related to government, that’s when I’ve found is when they stop replying.

Also, asking for references from previous landlords can really screw someone too. I can say I have been a good tenant, yes I’ve been sloppy and left stuff laying around in the common areas but as for a tenant – I haven’t been that bad. That doesn’t mean that my landlord will give me a good reference or even willing to give me a reference.

Tenant references are alot harder to obtain then employment references. Throughout your whole lease, you have to maintain a good relationship with your landlord/home owner. For some landlords/home owners, they make that very difficult. Sometimes they harass the tenants, interfere with their reasonable enjoyment and just be shitty on timings and repairs. Why would a tenant make any efforts to maintain a good relationship with someone like that?

As a SAHM, I do have a plan for when my maternity leave ends, but landlords/home owners don’t care about that. They only care about what you have now. In my opinion, because of these restrictions set on renting/leasing, parents are forced to live at home longer or return back home. Sometimes the grandparents don’t mind thou! If your grandparents are as amazing as Malcolm’s, they will be thrilled at the opportunity to live with not only their child again but have the joy of living with their grand kids too!

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