Rockwood Conservation in the Fall

My favorite thing to do in the fall is take my camera and go for an adventure in the Rockwood Conservation Area. The added bonus is that it’s only a 3 minute walk from my front door.

I love the Rockwood Conservation Area any time of the year because there’s many paths and different sort cuts that lead to amazing views. My all time favorite time of the year to go adventure is in the fall season. The leaves changing color make it for the perfect chance to check out some of hidden beauty tucked away.

When you walk around the water on a fall evening, the trees with put a color show on before your eyes. If you get the chance to adventure into the Conservation on a day when the water is calm, you’ll be in luck. The still waters make the perfect reflection of some of Rockwood’s hidden beauty also, making for wonderful pictures.

Before I had Malcolm, my favorite spot was lookout point. It took me forever to originally find it, but now I check it out almost every time I’m in there. Its not marked on the trails and was just recently updated to being marked on their park map. If you have been to Rockwood Conservation Area and never checked out lookout point, you truly are missing out.

If you are from the Guelph/Georgetown area and looking for a fall adventure for the family or just yourself. I highly recommend checking out Rockwood, part of the GRCA.

Rockwood Conservation Area – GRCA LINK

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