Awareness Month

Mental Health Day

Today is Mental Health Day!!

In my honest opinion, mental health is not given the attention it should. I believe that schools should interpret mental health into their curriculum and make teens more aware of the signs to look for in their peers.

There is a HUGE stigma around mental health were the person suffering feels trapped! Bullying and gossip is to common and easy to fall victim to. This causes someone who is suffering to do so in silence because why would they want to show that weakness? They smile in public, to their friends and their families, meanwhile they suffer alone.

Mental health effects me in many different forms, like anxiety and depression. I would have to say, my problems stem from my abusive and traumatizing past. I have tried medications to help cope with the symptoms but they just had negative side effects on my body. I’ve learned to cope with my triggers by having an amazing support system to turn to. My SS consists of close, open friends and family members, each person supports my choices even if they don’t agree with them. They are always there to give me advice or simply just be an ear for me.

Today try something different, compliment someone! Raise someones self esteem today, you never know what kind of day they are having or what they suffer on the inside. Be kind to each other, reach out to someone if you think they might be suffering. You never know what they could be going on in their life and they just want to talk to someone about it.

The cure to mental health starts with YOU!

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