NoseFrida; The Snotsucker

Any parents out there dread when their little one gets a cold or stuffy nose? Having to use that ball nasal aspirator to try and decongest your child? Every have any luck with those dang things?

img_0304Last week, Malcolm came down with a cold & has been really congested. For the first couple days I farted around with the ball nasal aspirators, multiple different kinds and that too. I ultimately broke down and went for what I swore I’d never do because I thought the idea was gross. The NoseFrida!!

For an almost 7 month old, the idea is amazing! I was under the impression that you would literally suck the mucus into your mouth. But that’s far from the case, maybe when he is older but for a baby it works amazing !

The NoseFrida consists of a large blue tube with a filter at the connection of the tube and the suction tube. Although, Malcolm doesn’t have enough mucus even say he could fill the blue tube, you will never manage to suck the mucus into the suction tube.

I found with the ball aspirators, you only have so much suction, where as with the NoseFrida, you can suck as much as you want, just be careful not to suck to hard. Also, with the NoseFrida, it is completely clear so you’ll never have to worry if you’ve cleaned it good enough or if you’ve gotten everything out of it.

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