Hot Chocolate 🍫

Well it’s that time of year again!

The stereotypes for moms is; coffee and a glass of wine… Well I guess I don’t fit the criteria of being a mom then… I’ve personally and truthfully never tried wine and I truly cannot stand the taste of coffee.

I’ve always been the hot chocolate go to kind of person. I love putting marshmallows in the cup before the water. I love the foam that creates on the top when you’ve mixed the powder and cream together first. I just love everything about hot chocolate.

All summer, every summer, I deprive myself from drinking hot chocolates because it’s just to hot outside for them. So by the time fall time comes around, I’m fully ready for a new year to begin of hot chocolates.

In my opinion, the best hot chocolate, next to mine of course, is from MAC’s Convenience store. I swear they put drugs in it or something. Every morning from grade 10 until grade 12, I would go to the store across the street and get one to start my day off. I considered it my morning “coffee”.

The worst place to buy a hot chocolate, in my opinion, is from McDonalds. I will never get one from this place again! It was the worst thing I have ever put in my mouth. On top of that, I was made to wait 5 minutes in an empty restaurant because the employee ran out of whipped cream… Whipped Cream? Please…. I feel that’s what made the hot chocolate nasty! If it wasn’t for winning a free hot beverage on Monopoly, I probably never would have tried their hot chocolate. WORST MISTAKE EVERY!

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