Question Of The Day: Why Did You Start Blogging?

I’ve had people ask me in the short time that I’ve been blogging, Why? My response is Why Not?

A few months after Malcolm was born, I really started to notice my friends starting to disappear. I felt like I had spammed them so much with pictures, videos and updates that they started to ignore and avoid me eventually. That’s fine, we’ll still be living day by day.

I turned to Facebook and Instagram to share everything. At first, so many people would like and comment on my updates but those too started to diminish. So one night, I sat down at my computer and decided to create a blog. It would be my space to post whatever I want, whenever I want.

In the first couple weeks, I had a few subscribers, nothing to exciting. So I decided to take it up a notch, and chose to reach out on different social media platforms. I set up profiles on Instagram, Twitter and created a Facebook Page, and started posting my link anywhere I could find appropriate.

Before I knew it my viewer base skyrocketed. I connected with other bloggers of different varieties and will continue to do so. I plan to take my blogging farther one day in the near future by doing more product reviews and hopefully sponsored review posts.

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