Blogmas 2018

Welcome to Malcolm’s Mommy’s 2018 Blogmas!

This year, starting December 2nd, I decided that I will be participating in #Blogmas. For anyone who doesn’t know what Blogmas is, its essentially a time at Christmas when people from the Blogging world attempt to write one post every day until Christmas. It’s like Blogtober but Christmas and Winter themed.

Anyone who has been keeping up with us for a bit now, knows that I did attempt to participate in Blogtober, but due to unfortunate circumstances and being new to the blogging world, I really jumped in over my head.

I have a busy schedule planned for Blogmas. Some days as of right now are sitting empty with no topic scheduled for those days. But I am sure as the month goes on, my festive topics will explode and will most likely fill up my calendar.  Subscribe/Follow my Blog and my social media accounts to keep up with the festivities we have coming up.


Malcolm’s Mommy’s Blogmas 2018 Blogs

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