Sleep Training – for the mind and body

Over the summer, my brain become the hardest thing to shut off and allow me to sleep. Between a 5/6 month old waking up every couple hours and an annoying upstairs neighbour, sleep seemed like the hardest thing to accomplish.

One night I decided to try listening to one of (what I thought then ‘silly’) sleep videos. I decided to try a 3 hour video in hopes that if my child wakes up, it’ll still be playing to help not only me but him too fall back asleep.

The first night, I don’t remember much of what the lady was saying that’s how fast it worked. & of course, because I chose a 3 hour long video, it was indeed still playing when my child woke up.

In this video, the ‘narrator’ starts off with prompting you to find a comfortable position, not a common position but what will give you the most comfort. Then they guide you to focus on your breathing. Once you’ve established a calming rhythm, they advise putting one hand on your belly. Allowing you to feel the deep inhales and the slow exhales.

Focusing on my breathing and achieving a calm breathing pattern really helped take my mind away from every running detail. Eventually, I was able to go to bed without having to put on a video.

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