Tips for Christmas shopping

Everyone knows, come December that the stores and malls are PACKED with people! After Black Friday, in Canada and the US (I can imagine) the holiday shopping season just takes off!

In todays blogmas post, I’ll share some of my personal tips and things the friends and family do to accomplish a successful Christmas run.

One thing I cannot stress enough to people is, START YOUR CHRISTMAS SHOPPING AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE! This will not only guarantee that you’ll have enough gifts for everyone, and gives you enough time to think of the perfect way to pack/wrap said gifts.

When the Christmas items hit the shelves, if your someone like me who LOVES to buy a memorable item for people every Christmas. Shop as soon as you see these items hit stores. They not only sell fast, but they also get picked through and thrown on the floor on a daily basis.

Another thing I personally love buying for myself and not even for anyone else, is those cute little gift sets they sell at Walmart! May it be a body spray set, bath set or a beauty set. These items I find are an amazing idea for a pre-teen or someone who likes to try different things.

If you can’t think of a gift to get someone, say your brain just can’t think of the perfect gift or they are just one of those difficult people to shop for. Gift cards and humorous gifts are the perfect way to go. A gift card allows them to shop for what they would like and a joke gift will give both of you something to chuckle at on Christmas Day!

If you’re on a budget for Christmas, the best way to stick within that budget is make a list! Watch sales and flyers and buy these gifts when you see them at their lowest price to make sure that you are saving as much money as possible and staying within your set budget.

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