Shipping Rant

This past summer, I gained a really close and good friend that shocked me back in the fall. I’ve never had someone ask me this so I was taken for a little bit of a surprise.

She asked me if we were going to exchange Christmas gifts this year! I was so happy because gifts only ever came from family members for holidays and birthdays. I instantly said yes and got to planning the perfect gift for my new found best friend.

A Little History of our Friendship

Shortly after we became inseparable, she found out that she was moving 3 hours away, sooner then expected. I may add that she is expecting a beautiful baby girl after Christmas.

Our original plan was to meet up and exchange gifts just before Christmas. Due to a change in plans, we can no longer meet up & now have to ship out her present.

Canada Post is currently in a backlog from a strike that was forced to an end by the government. I planned to send her present Xpress Post via Canada Post just so i could have a tracking number. Now thinking….. if I’m going to pay someone to delivery this wonderful, meaningful, delicate present, I want it to be within its “normal” delivery period & not stuck in a back log and take a bit to get to her.

With that being said, can my Canadian Bloggers give me some suggestions on shipping companies to send out this present!?! I DO NOT WANT TO USE UPS!!

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