Christmas Movies

Everyones favourite thing to do on a snowy winter day is cuddle up on the couch and get into some Christmas movies. Here’s my top 3 go to Christmas movies;

The Grinch (Jim Carey)

With the newest Grinch out in theatres I think this is a perfect time to express how much I love the Jim Carey version of the movie. The original movie, I found was to slow and bland but gets the point across. Whereas the newest one doesn’t truly represent The Grinch and who he is. Singing along to The Grinch sound track is one of my favourite Christmas car ride pastimes and with the new movie, they even completely changed up the songs.

Home Alone

My favourite Home Alone movies are the first and second one. I found that when they changed the action of Alister that the movie wasn’t as funny.

Christmas With The Kranks

When I was in elementary school, one of my teachers had brought in this movie for us to watch just before the Christmas break. Watching the movie between two different days was really boring but this movie managed to keep me hooked. I have since added it to the list of must sees every Christmas season.

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