Dear Santa; The truth behind Santa Letters

Day #7’s post for Blogmas might offend some people, and others may get mad that I have picked to expose the truth behind Santa Letters. Every year, boys and girls write letters to Santa and have their parents mail them out or they can even give them to Santa at their local Christmas parades usually. Then the patiently wait for their reply from the Jolly Ol’ Man.


Every December, your children probably get excited to write their letters to Santa, and the impatiently wait for there reply in the mail. Do you ever wonder where your child’s letter goes to? Who’s actually opening it and reading your child’s writing or if they even read the letters? Or how Santa replies to all those letters?

Well Santa has his little elves that help him all year around at his workshop, and for the month of December he has a special group of elves that help him with all his Santa letters. Through Canada Post (In Canada), you can sign up to volunteer to be a Santa reader.

The program is mainly set up for Students to collect their Volunteer Hours for school and Retirees looking to fill their time. I myself participated in this program to complete my volunteer hours and let me tell you my adventure.

Friday afternoon, either I had to pick up a tote or they dropped one off to me, depending on the amount of letters you choose depends on how many hours you receive. They let you work at your own pace but have a final deadline that the letters need to be sent back out by. In the tote would be letters from children and a huge stack of reply letters and envelopes.

I would open each letter and read every child’s letter, since there was such a generic reply letter, I would try my best to make a personalized comment to the child from their letter on top of their name. They only tell you that you have to write the child’s name… Boring I know…

I would spend every weekend sitting at my kitchen table pushing through my tote of letters so I could pick up a small amount to complete during the evenings throughout the week. I dedicated my whole December that year to reading and replying to hopeful children.

Reading every child’s letter individually would put a smile on my face. I felt amazing at the end of the day knowing that when every child I replied to, when they open their letter, they would feel special! I can’t speak for other volunteers but I can tell you, if your child’s reply only has their name, whoever got their letter, didn’t really care. Which is very unfortunate because why do something you don’t want to do?

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