Malcolm’s First Christmas Party

Welcome to my 11th day of Blogmas. Today I’m going to share the story of Malcolm’s First Christmas Party; including his first visit with Santa.

On November 24th, We loaded up the car and headed to good ol’ Hamilton for our annual Family Christmas Party. On our way there, randomly I checked the event page on Facebook and noticed we were already an hour and a half late the the party. Finding out that everyone was stuffing their faces already while we were sitting on the highway…

When we arrived, everyone was already done eating and moved onto the ‘generation photos’. My mom managed to make it into her generations picture but Malcolm and myself weren’t as lucky. Although we weren’t there long, Malcolm had an emotional start. He was clingy and only wanted his mommy, as expected.

Within a half hour of being there, Santa had shown up to visit the kiddies and hand out gifts that the parents had brought. When Santa entered the room, he approached both the babies and greeted them first before moving on to the rest of the kids. Malcolm remained fairly clam through all this.


We continued on conversation with family members until it was Malcolm’s turn to see Santa and receive his gift. As a mom, seeing a million and one emotions come over your child’s face in a matter of seconds is really heart breaking. He managed to hold the tears back until he seen Santa hand mommy his gift and that’s when he started crying.

Not long after Santa left, everyone started cleaning up and packing up tables and chairs. As the room started to empty out of people and there was only a few groups of people left, we decided to leave and continue on with our day.

To see how Malcolm did his second time with Santa, Check out Malcolm’s Second Visit With Santa in Malcolm’s Milestones.

– Malcolm’s Mommy

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