Christmas Goodies

Mmmmm, we’re pretty much halfway through blogmas, to celebrate, I made today’s post about some of my favourite Christmas Treats. Christmas dinners and family gatherings mean baked goods and Christmas treats. You’d be lying if you can’t say that you don’t get a little bit excited for this every year, or your family just has bland treats.

Minced Meat Tarts


Every year, my aunt would make her own special minced meat tarts. Around thanksgiving (October) she would put the filling in alcohol and let it absorb for almost TWO months. A few days before our Christmas dinner, she would fill the tarts, allowing the filling to get as much alcohol content as possible. As a child, I never understood why I wasn’t aloud to have many. As an adult, it all makes sense now! Earlier this month, I tried a minced meat tart the normal way and you can say, it didn’t fancy my taste buds.

Chocolate Chip Christmas M&M Cookies

(Plan to try this Christmas Season)

654DDBF9-5EF8-49D8-80B7-173672711622.jpegThis is a new one that I want to try this season! Chocolate chip chookies with a twist of Christmas. I plan to follow the Betty Crocker recipe to test this mouthwatering treat this holiday season.

Belgium Cookies

Another childhood memory from family dinners is the empire biscuits. The raspberry filling, the German cookie, the icing and of course the maraschino cherry to top it off, all go together AMAZINGLY! There is a LONG process to making these delicious cookies but it’s well worth it in the end!

My all time favourite Christmas Dessert will have it’s own Blogmas post, stay tuned in the near future too see what the deliciousness is.

– Malcolm’s Mommy

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