What’s on my Christmas 🎄

This year in my household, we have two trees; the main tree (my mom’s) and a smaller tree in Malcolm’s Den. For day #15 of Blogmas, I decided to share with you some of the meaningful ornaments on Malcolm’s Christmas tree.

While my mom was putting up her tree, I managed to find the meaningful ornament box before she did and snatch a few from her. Take a look at what I ornaments I picked from my Moms collection to put on M and Mine’s Christmas tree.


Baby’s First Christmas,

I not sure how I managed to, but DEFINITELY not without upsetting my mom. I scooped my Baby’s First Christmas Ornament from 1995. This means a lot to me to have it on Malcolm and mines Christmas tree hanging up along with his for his very first Christmas.

#1 Dog, img_1385

This particular ornament means a lot to me because it’s been 4, very long years since we put down my childhood dog, Kramer. My parents got Kramer for my brother when he started kindergarten, and he grew with us as a family. My mom was more willing to give this one to me, not exactly sure why, but it feels great knowing I can have Kramer on my Christmas tree this year.

img_1384Baby’s first Christmas,img_1383.jpg

On one of our trips to Niagara-on-the-lake, we visited The Christmas Store and purchased M’s first Christmas ornament. Of course this would be on his tree.

We also received an early Christmas gift, which was a custom ornament for Malcolm’s First Christmas, Thank You Kerri for this amazing gift!

Among your basic ornaments, these are the ‘special’ ones we have on our tree.

– Malcolm’s Mommy

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