The Dreaded Fireplace

Hey all, I’ve taken a little bit of a break from blogmas, it’s been a rough week and little to no sleep has been achieved. Lots of caffeine, and lots of yawns but I plan to take this week to relax and just rest.

To come back into blogmas I’ve decided to write about the Christmas Fireplace. Also known as the YuleLog Fireplace, most seen on the television schedule at Christmas time. Every Christmas morning in my family, at some point the fireplace ends up on the tv.

My grandpa has a theory that if you focus long enough on the fire, you will physically start to get warm from watching it. As a child, I always laughed at his theory, thought he was crazy.

For about the last month now, every night around 10pm if Malcolm is still going crazy, we throw on the fireplace and wind down for the night. Some nights I’ve actually gotten lost looking into the fireplace and next thing I know, Malcolm’s been asleep for quite some time. My body completely relaxes and am warming feeling has in fact come over my body.

As an adult, my grandfather is not crazy, he just knows how to embrace the beautiful things in life. The fireplace is a nice way to unwind from the day and let all your thoughts just run free and prepare yourself for a good nights sleep.

I plan to keep the yearly fireplace tradition alive with Malcolm. He may think it was silly just like I did but hey maybe one day he can come to appreciate it just like I have.

– Malcolm’s Mommy

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