Why I say Merry Christmas…

Happy Sunday Everyone,

Yesterday I came back to complete blogmas after a really rough week, you can check it out here The Dreaded Fireplace

We’re 2 days away from Christmas and the annual blues have finally hit me. This year unlike every other year, I stayed home during the shopping season. I completed all my shopping by the end of October, thank gosh.

This last week has really kicked me in the butt in terms of no sleep, Christmas blues and of course I managed to get sick the week before Christmas, go figures right. Anyways, today’s post I want to express my OPINION on Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. For those of you who know me personally, know that one thing that really gets under my skin is when someone wishes me a ‘Happy Holidays’, here’s why;

Since 2012, I have worked either retail or in the fast food industry during December and as employees we were NOT allowed to say Merry Christmas. We were told to wish our customers a Happy Holidays, which yes it makes sense for workers to do it but in my own personal greetings I prefer to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years.

I personally have no religious background and really know nothin about the history of Christmas and Jesus and all that stuff. But I’m also not one too take Christmas as a time of year for greed and want for gifts. I am a firm believer in ‘Keep Christ in Christmas’ because that was how I was raised.

A few weeks ago, on my personal Facebook, I posted an opinion status about Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and someone who I thought would have a strong difference in opinion actually agreed with me. We did have out points of difference but came to a mutual consensus. Between different religions, we can still wish give greetings to each other for different celebrations without removing the true name of the holiday.

They’ve come to say the reason behind Happy Holidays is to give well wishes for both Christmas and New Years, well as a customer service worker this would make sense. As for myself to my friends and family, I want to wish them specific greetings, and most of these people hear from me on a daily basis. So would I message them Christmas morning saying Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas? As for the family that I only see at that one main Christmas dinner, what’s wrong with saying Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years?

– Malcolm’s Mommy

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