Malcolm’s Christmas Eve

It’s Finally Christmas Eve! We’ve made it! Today’s a very laid back but eventful day & we’re so ready for the Christmas festivities!!

To start the day off, Malcolm relaxed and played for the morning while mama got some time to fit in some planing and promoting. When grandma woke up, she took over ‘supervising’ while mama got to make and eat a warm yummy breakfast.

Onto the afternoon, we’re patiently but excitedly waiting the arrival of my grandpa and great grandma. Once again M gets a personal visit with his GREAT GREAT GRANDMA. It’s such a wonderful feeling knowing that M not only gets the pleasure to meet her but she can add one more generation underneath her belt.

For the evening, we’re off to daddy’s for Chinese food and to wait for Santa to come by 🎅🏼. Rockwood Santa Walk This will be the 3rd year now that a wonderful gentleman walks through a planned route in town dressed up as Santa, spreading Christmas cheer to all.

Christmas Eve 2018 is one I plan to have lasting happy memories of for years to tell.

– Malcolm’s Mommy

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