Top 5 Pet Peeves

Happy Friday everyone! We’ve made it through the first full week of 2019, and it’s finally the weekend! I’m sure this weekend is majorly anticipated by many, with everyone back to work after the holiday season. How’s everyone holding up so far this year? I know, January in particular is a hard month on a lot of people. I’ve noticed myself, that this month is dragging and I’m impatiently waiting the arrival of February!

Today I want to share with you my top 5 pet peeves. These 5 things in particular realllllly get under my skin. Makes me just want to scream!!

1. Their/There/They’re & Your/You’re

When a person continuously misuses the “their, there and they’re”. It makes me question if they are even trying? If they missed that part of the curriculum in school? Also when someone ALWAYS uses your…. and never uses you’re. This can get very annoying when trying to understand what someone is saying. This makes me think they are just to lazy to type the extra letter and punctuation.

2. Personal Space

Something that REALY gets under my skin when I’m in public is when people stand close to me. There could be a huge open space and someone will insist on standing right beside me or behind me. Like really how does that not bother people?

3. Lack of Communication

I HATE having to repeat myself or asking for something, getting a positive reply and then nothing gets done in the end. I also HATE when people just assume that you know everything. They won’t tell you much or anything at all and expect you to know exactly what they are talking/thinking about. COMMUNICATION is key to all friendships weather it’s a relationship or just a friendship.

4. Liars

In my opinion, the worst kind of liars are the ones who believe their own lies. They begin to make up a huge fake story with many loop holes and struggle trying to keep up with their own lies. The worst is when you know someone well enough that they can look you dead in the eyes and tell you something but you still know they are lying.

5. ‘Get to the point’

This one really agitates me… When someone is telling you a story and they go on telling a huge back story to a short story. Or when a person repeats themselves multiple times telling a story. I’d rather just get to the point of the story.

Feel free to share some of your pet peeves or stories of some of your most annoyingest moments in the comments! & don’t forget to check me out on social media; Twitter |Instagram |Facebook |& feel free to join my Facebook Group 

– Malcolm’s Mommy

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Pet Peeves

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  1. Just yesterday a woman in line behind me at the salad shop kept standing really close to me. I wasn’t annoyed so match as confused. Each time she wandered into my personal space, it signals to my brain that she either wants to say something to me or attacking me. It’s a very primal response. Lots of nonverbal communication there. She didn’t seem to want either of those things. Makes me wonder…Why do some people develop an abnormal sphere of personal space?


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