Childhood Memory

Good morning, how is everyone this lovely Sunday morning? Hope the weekend has been nice to everyone! Today I want to share with you one of my funniest childhood memories. Growing up, I lived in a survey type area rather then a subdivision. Where all the kids where free to play without fear of traffic from the main streets. We had a grass area in the middle where we could gather and play sports. Everyone was pretty good together, most of the parents would gather together often.

One of the things my dad loved to do most when he was playing with all the kids was getting us to play hide and seek. Now my dad had his own special version of the game, and as an adult now, he was pretty smart with his outlook on it… haha

He would tell all the kids to go hide and he would sit and count. Now as kids, you would think my dad would come looking for everyone right? Nope… he’s version of the game was, whoever came out last wins.

You see, he wouldn’t get up to come look for us, he would enjoy his peace and quiet until all the kids started to get bored wherever they were hiding. & whoever came back last, won! He was pretty evil in this tactic but now that I think about it, I don’t blame him for doing what he did.

He knew the areas we would play in and usually that was where we would be hiding out. He knew that the survey was a safe community & we were all raised to watch for the odd car, so we knew how to play with vehicles. There was usually other parents out and about within the surgery, rather it be sitting on their front step, lawn or in their garage. We all knew we were safe.

What’s a funny story from your childhood?

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  1. That was pretty smart of your father. It’s funny to look back and realize how easily we were fooled as kids. It’s like when my parents promised an extra cookie to the winner of the “quiet game”. Lol.

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  2. One time when I was 7 or 8, I had spent the day playing in a sandbox. I had so much sand in my hair at the end of the day, but refused to take a shower. I tried to go to bed but was so itchy and sand was getting all over my pillow. I got out of bed and asked my mom to wash my hair in the sink. While she was washing my hair, my dad was dropping tiny potatoes in the sink saying that they were growing in my hair. I was screaming and my Dad was cracking up!! That story still makes us all laugh.

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