Life of A

Fun-Fact Friday

Happy Friday Everyone! For today’s post I thought I would attempt a ‘fun-fact Friday’. Here’s a random list of 10 fun facts about myself;

  1. I CANNOT stand fish 🤮
  2. I was in Air Cadets when I was younger ✈️
  3. In 2011 I was National Champion in Judo 🥋
  4. I’ve worked at 2 different Tim Hortons & have a really bad addiction to their breakfast menu 😩
  5. When I was little, after visiting the African Lion Safari, my parents made me believe that they brought home monkeys and that they lived in our attic. & THE BEST PART WAS, the door to the attic was in my bedroom closet… scary right 😭
  6. I HATE anything that flys ❌
  7. I was born 10 pounds 👶🏼
  8. I have a not so secret addiction to Punched Rockstars (red) 😍
  9. I went to Tim Hortons Children’s Camp in Quyon, Quebec 🏕
  10. I attended 4 different elementary schools (buildings) but was only technically enrolled in 2 school 🤪

That’s all for today, I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday and an even better weekend – Malcolm’s Mommy

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