GUEST POST | Sneak Peak @ The Coffee Mamma’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Hey everyone, welcome welcome to all of you here today. 
I am so excited to be doing my first guest post ever. I had one that was supposed to be featured in 2018 on another website but life gets in the way as we all know and maybe that something will come out during 2019. 
Just know that if it does come out eventually this is the post I would still like to classify as my First actual Guest Post. Please, also know The only reason I’m telling you all of this is because I had already sent the other person all of the information back in November 2018 so when it is posted there will be two posts floating around saying they’re my first. 
I wanna get it out there before it becomes misleading. 
But where were we oh yeah! 
I’m so excited, I’m so honoured to be here on Amanda’s Website. The two of us have come so far from where we were 6/7 years ago when we first met. I’m so proud that we are now both amazing & selfless Mothers and inspiring Bloggers. 
Now, a little bit about myself, 
As I mentioned I am a Mom, A New one at that. My Daughter will be One in February. I have been loving every minute of Motherhood. I have a passion for being a Mom, a Blogger and also once upon a time I wanted to be a Cosmetologist. Still would If I could too but, when I was 70% done my career training I was faced with a tough decision. I was diagnosed after 12 years of suffering from what is known as Crohn’s Disease or Irritable Bowel Disease. 
I chose a career that was physically better for my health, I chose to pursue a career in office administration instead giving me the ability to not only run a website but have the expertise to run one on health and beauty. Then came my Baby which means I have first-hand experience day in and day out with being a Mother. You could say I’m a pretty credible/reliable source. 

The Coffee Mamma is actually my second website so I guess that means I have a decent amount of experience with blogging too. I explain what happened a little bit in-depth on myAbout Me page if you care that much but everything I have been through in my life has led me to this wonderful website that I love so much, and I am so excited to have you all here. 

Now for the good stuff. If you have seen my recent Christmas Gift Guide, or Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide then you are going to be ecstatic to hear that today I am giving you a sneak peek to my Valentines Day Gift Guide! I hope you’re as excited as I am. If you haven’t seen either of those gift guides I really suggest you head on over and check them out because they are full of great ideas that you will probably be able to use or copy for Valentines Day anyway!Now that you all know a little bit about me, I’m going to jump right in and give you guys a peek at the first 5 items on my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. 

1. Chocolate 
Almost every woman loves chocolate. There are so many different kinds to choose from too that there is no way you can go wrong with this one. Lindor has thousands of delicious flavours to choose from as well as Hershey an all those other fancy brands come out with decorative chocolates just in time for the holiday. 
2. Flowers 
Ahhhh, flowers, a very inexpensive, easy but very appreciated way to say “I love you, you are beautiful to me.” I use to be a girl who never loved flowers or even gardening for that matter and then I met a man who showed me to appreciate the beauty in the small things. 
So I figured those two were the obvious ones. 
3. Perfume 
Some say women love perfume because they think it has magical powers. But I’ve never heard of or had the audacity to even think of perfume being magical… Like wtf? 
As a woman myself, I do like to wear perfume. When I wear perfume it makes me feel good about myself, I smell good so, I feel good. Perfume is just a thing with most women. We love it. Perfume is also extremely pleasing to one’s senses. We love smelling ourself when we smell good and When someone tells you “hey you smell good” it brightens your day. 
4. New Purse 
It’s simple. Women love to accessorize and what better way for her to do it. 
That handbag she’s had her eye on from Coach? Or the Purse from Michael Kors, or Guess that she keeps talking about? Why not get her that for Valentines Day this year. 
5. Candles 
Candles are great gifts for almost any occasion. The perfect scent will say exactly what you what it to say. For example, warm vanilla sugar might suggest the context ” I wanna snuggle up and cuddle with you ” or one of these lovely Tropical scented ones might say ” I want to whisk you away to a private island and eat fruit while we sip drinks from glasses made of coconuts as we lay on the beach in the sand ” hahaha yeah so that got a little in depth. But at least you get a real visual! 
My point: You can never go wrong with candles. 

Well, that’s all you get for now everyone but I sure hope that was enough to talk you into visiting my website. I will be releasing the full post a day or two after this guest post goes live on Amanda’s website. There will be a direct link to the full post at the bottom of this. 

I’d like to take this time to thank all of you for reading my post and taking the time to view my website. I hope to be seeing you all in the future. Most importantly I would like to thank Amanda for this wonderful opportunity of doing my first guest post on her Website & for our Friendship. Here’s to many more years. ❤🍷🍷 

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      1. Me too! My most recent one was one of the Swarovski ones they have! I swear you can never have too many candles. EVER *says the girl who will sniff every candle on the shelf*


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