Being a ‘Cusp’ Baby

Just after my birthday last year, I got caught up on all that horoscope stuff & I learned something new about myself. Being born on October 21st doesn’t just make me a Libra… Fun fact; anyone born at the start or end of each sign cycle is actually a cusp baby….

What is a ‘cusp’ baby?

The definition of a cusp baby is someone who’s birthday falls on the time when the sun leaves one sign and enters another. You can check out more about your cusp sign here.


Libra-Scorpio Cusp (October 19th-October 25th)

Also known as ‘beauty and beast’ & ‘determined, drama queen’, ruled by Venus and Pluto, born on the cusp of drama and criticism. We love to speak our minds with no care on who we offend, it’s a positive trait to have in daily life but can also cause a lot of drama. This gives us the upper hand when it comes to social interactions. We tend to attract others with our detached charm and a very good raw sexual energy. We bring to the table all kinds of traits from sarcastic, bossy and honesty.

We love to act as we don’t need anyone around us even if you are very interested in us. It is particularly hard for us to let people in because we have trust and jealousy issues. We hate liars and dishonesty, so we won’t think twice before turning our backs to you. This also causes some of us to really distance ourselves from people. Although we are very emotionally individuals that constantly crave relationships.

In relationships, we will more then likely be loyal as well as romantic, along with that thou comes a huge jealous side. We really enjoy being in committed relationships, although, many people get under our skin. We are excellent communicators with lots of love and emotions to offer to our significant other. If we really wanted to, we can get a control on our jealous and find a way to make the relationship work.

Long Story Short

LSC Strengths- Sophisticated, passionate & affectionateLSC Weaknesses- Bitter & undiplomatic

LSC Perfect Partner- Loving & adventurous individual

LSC Life Lesson- express kindness, even to strangers

If you would like to find out if you are a cusp baby and if so, find out the ‘secretive’ side. You can check out

– Malcolm’s Mommy

6 thoughts on “Being a ‘Cusp’ Baby

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    1. It was mind blowing to find out, my mom also said that this is me to a T, found out my mysterious side


  1. Do you feel as though you tend to fit into this character assessment well? Not specifically just this one but other sign descriptions? I love reading my horoscope and about all of the different connections with other signs etc, I find it really interesting.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I honestly do! I’ve always felt like part of me didn’t fit into the definition of a libra and after learning about cusp babies, IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW ahaha. I honestly discovered it by mistake and happy I did!

      Liked by 1 person

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