January’s New Bloggers

Hey Everyone! We’re almost at the end of January with only a few more days to go. How’s everyone handling 2019 so far? As promised in my New Year, New Approach post, today I’m going to share with you my favorite bloggers that I’ve had to wonderful opportunity for crossing paths with. May it be on twitter, instagram or a facebook group, I’ve had the chance to interact with some pretty amazing people but these people really stuck out to me this month!

Fell free to check them all out;

Rachel – Her blog really stuck out to me the first time I visited it. I love how she has a playlist section for all different types of moods and activities. She caught me eye one night when I received and email about Fathers Day Gift Ideas post and moments later after checking it out, I seen her share it on Twitter. I love being able to connect the people I follow on social media with the daily blog post emails I get!

Florence – I recently came across her on Twitter @flawedmum in the same boat that I was in back in December! She’s always so supportive on ever follow train post! Early this month a took a deep dive into her website & she touched a warm spot on my heart with her Dear Santa, It’s a long story… post ❤️ check her out if your interested in real life mom blogs

Brandon Fuller – Now I’m going o be completely honest here ….. when I connected with Brandon I had low expectations of him.. (sorry hehe) but he’s blown me away as not only a blogger but in the twitter world. His content and tweets are so relatable!

Amanda Vogel – I connected with who I refer to as my ‘blogger twin’ because we’re both named Amanda, back in 2018. I was recently wondering why she wasn’t posting anymore until I found out she moved websites!! SHE’S ON WORDPRESS, YOU SHOULD CHECK HER OUT…no really you should go check her blog out 🤪

pendingadulthood – I came across her this month & her blog posts are so helpful and as long relatable. I’ve learned some handy tips from her. I look forward for what she has in store for us this year.

That’s all for this month, I do have a handful of other bloggers that I wanted to add to this list but I deceived to keep it short and sweet. I can’t wait to start this post for February!

– Malcolm’s Mommy

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  1. I completely agree with you about Brandon Fuller. His tweets and blog posts are very relateable . I follow him on twitter. His comments on my blog were very supportive and appreciated. I will have to check the other bloggers out as well.

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