Story Time – National Judo Champion

Welcome to my monthly story time. Today I’m going to share with you guys an accomplishment of mine that I’m very proud of! Many of my youth years were spent training in a dojo, traveling around Canada for trainings, clinics, and competitions. A sport not known by many. Judo meaning the gentle way, belonging the martial arts family. In competitions, you fight your own gender and in a specific weight and age category.

Back at the start of summer 2011, I joined my fellow teammates on a 15 hour bus ride up to Sept-Iles, Quebec to compete in the Canadian National Championship. Although I was far from excited about the bus ride, I walked on that bus with one goal in mind. To bring home the gold.

During my years of competing, I ALWAYS had to cut weight to make my category. At the National Championships that year, that wasn’t the case. When I stepped on the scale for weigh-ins, completely in the clear, I knew that nothing was stopping me.

Later that morning, the competition would begin. I was always used to having to wait around all day for my turn to fight. To no surprise, I made it to the gold medal match. The first thing I said was ‘this will be the last fight of the day’ & sure enough it was.

Adrenalin was running high during the whole match, I knew one wrong move and I could loose. About half way through, it was pretty much tied up and I was getting tired. I decided to changed my strategy to defensive. Sure enough, the first throw she tried, I managed to counter attack it. The referee awarded a full point, mean the match was over.

Between the referee stopping the match, and awarding the winner, my opponents as celebrating…. I kept my cool because at this point, other then the score board, I wasn’t exactly sure who won. When he raised his arm for me, my whole body filled with excitement! I ran off the mats and hugged my coach. This was all I wanted, was to say I was National Champion.

I’ll forever be proud of this accomplishment! – Malcolm’s Mommy

4 thoughts on “Story Time – National Judo Champion

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  1. I was very proud as well. So sorry you chose to leave the sport as I thought you would have a chance for a scholarship. Good luck with your future as a mommy.


  2. Wow such a proud moment and a great memory for you. I hope you kept all your medals to show Malcolm😊


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