Valentines Day | Gift for Her

Hey guys I know I did a guest post for a Valentine’s day gift guide, you can check it out here. I wanted to make my own list as I had originally planned. Some items will be the same and some will be different ideas of the same items and some will be things you never even thought of before.

Charmed Aroma

In my opinion, ANYTHING from Charmed Aroma is a perfect gift for any female. They have a wide range of scents in the form of candles and bath bombs. Every candle and bath bomb contains either a ring, necklace or even a pair of earrings. What better gift to give them a gift that gives twice. Give her a special night off and get her the gift set package, she can enjoy a relaxing bath while enjoying a romantic setting, watching the candle flicker.


Women mainly love to wear perfume/body spray to give them selves a sense of feel-good. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy smelling delicious all day?? Take your time and find her a new scent that you know she’ll love but that you also enjoy at the same time. If your not up to that challenging task, get her a new bottle of her favourite perfume/body spray.


Since sweethearts are no longer an option this year, give the gift of chocolate instead! Everyone loves chocolate, unless you’re my mom of course.. haha. She might put it away and save it for a low day or she’ll love it and enjoy every last piece of it guilt free. With so many different options to choose from, I’m sure you can’t go wrong with chocolate!

Stuffed Animal

Some girls love stuffed animals and a select few love those huge 6ft tall bears. If you’ve got one of these girls on your hands, make her dreams finally come true. Buy here that 6ft big teddy bear!

Dry Shampoo

Back when I was in college and even now as a mom, dry shampoo is my go too. A lot of females use dry shampoo (they probably won’t admit to it)! Surprise her with the Deja Vu L’ange’s Dry Shampoo, if she’s not a user of dry shampoo, she will be after she sees how amazing this product works


Even if she doesn’t drink coffee or tea, everyone one loves to enjoy a nice warm cup of hot chocolate on a cold wintry day. Get her a mug that represents her! You can take it a step farther and fill it with some of her favourite chocolates and a little stuffed animal to top it off. This idea is perfect for the couples who are on a budget!!

& the best for last – Anything Personalized!

There’s always post going around of couples getting each other matching phone cases or personalized pillows etc. Surprise your SO and get her something personalized of you two. She’ll be so in love as it’s almost every girls dream to receive something like this from their boyfriend/husband.

That’s all I have for you guys! I hope these 7 gift ideas can help someone come this Valentine’s Day. – Malcolm’s Mommy !

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