Unique Date Ideas

Hey guys! I decided to create a date night ideas to help some of you guys out this Thursday. Some guys, I don’t wanna say most because theres a lot of guys out there that have their heads together and organized. But some guys might not plan in advance and be stuck last minute on what to do for their special someone on Valentine’s Day. If you’re one of those guys, or even girls, this list is for you !

  1. Ice Skating – Whether you’re clenching onto you SO or holding hands, skating is guaranteed to get you both close together. Hit the rink during the day or to burn off some calories after dinner.
  2. Couples Relaxing Spa Day – Treat not only yourself but your SO to a nice relaxing day (or weekend) away at the spa. Get away and relax and unwind.
  3. Visit a Museum or Historical place
  4. Rent your “Dream Car” – why not take the one you love out in the car you love. Even if you just drive the country side or go away for the weekend.
  5. Have a Game Night – Open a bottle of wine, change into your must comfiest pjs and unwind with you significant other with an old fashioned game night
  6. Take a hike – Visit your favourite nature spot or hiking trail and connect with not only your significant other but nature too.
  7. Stargaze & Watch the Sunrise – Cuddle up under the beautiful night sky, if you happen to fall asleep that’s fine. I’m sure the birds and nature will wake you to see the beautiful sunrise.
  8. Get Ice Cream – It doesn’t always have to be a dinner out, enjoy a meal in and go to your favourite ice cream parlour for some sweet dessert
  9. Drive-In – yes this is a ‘cheap’ idea, but think about it for a second, guy + girl + alone in a car …. I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination.

This is just a short and simple list of date night ideas, more so for the winter. In the spring I’ll post a full list of date night ideas for the hopelessly romantic ones 🤪. I hope everyone gets spoiled this Valentine’s Day, guy or girl, doesn’t matter!

– Malcolm’s Mommy

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