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UPDATE | An Inside Look at my Life …

Hey guys! It’s been a really rough past couple of weeks. A LOT has happened and things have been changing on a dime! I wish I could say I’ve been managing everyone good but the truth is I haven’t been.

We welcomed in the new year with an eviction notice (not 60 days thou) and we were going to move on the landlords bullshit claims. Traveling to many different houses, messaging landlords and property managers & getting no where. Finally, on February 8th we got a call saying we got a house! YAY RIGHT…..

Well not exactly.. that’s when everything became real… My mom had asked me what cities I would move too and in all the bullshit I told her wherever really…. BIG MISTAKE! For the next 24 hours, I sat inside my own brain having anxiety and panic attacks about having to move to another city. I turned to my father as someone to confide in and that was a HUGE mistake!

Fast forward… I went home and told my mom how I was feeling but she was already told how i was feeling…. She had her counter statements ready for all my concerns. We sat and thought about it and it was dead set we were moving to another city…..

Less then 48 hours after we got a house and we were going to move and let the landlord have his way…. I get served with a law suite from the landlord… FUNNY RIGHT! This made me officially crack and in 5 years of dealing with my mental health, I’ve NEVER called my doctor to just talk about everything going on. I’ve always been a strong person who can deal with my own thoughts, but I felt like at this point being dead was better then being alive.

That day, my mom sent out one last lifeline, and thank gosh that lifeline had a bite and there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Within 96 hours the landlord went from getting what he wants to a huge issue at hand.

After talking to legal counsel and my doctor, I feel 100% confident that I will win. I WILL NOT let this man get to me anymore, I’ve dealt with men pushing me around all my life and trying to tell me what and how to do things. Not anymore, I will stick up for myself and fight tooth and nail for my rights. But for now, we’re sitting ducks just waiting to see what happens.

As for my scheduled post… as of right now, EVERYTHING is blank that is set to publish… Unfortunately, I’ve decided to postpone  tomorrows post  for a few months… I will be keeping up with Motivational Monday’s & I’m working away at my February’s Blogger Round Up Post and I hope to have my story time post done by the 28th.

Thank you for everyone who continues to support me day in and day out! I see you all on twitter, you guys are what push me to keep going everyday ❤️ thank for so much for all the love and support! I hope things start to get better so I can focus my spare time back to blogging and not law suits and LTB junk.

– much love from Malcolm’s Mommy ❤️

6 thoughts on “UPDATE | An Inside Look at my Life …”

    1. We’ve gotten this far, we’ll call them speed bumps shall we 🤪 as for the mental health, I’m so happy this has happened and made me realize that I can’t deal with it all on my own ❤️ thank you

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      1. See and that’s strength right there .. being able to reach out and get help when you know you need it instead of letting pride get in the way ♥️ stay strong mommy!


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