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Story Time | Judo Black Belt

Welcome to my monthly story time everyone! Last month I shared with you guys the story of my National Judo Champion Journey. Today I want to share with you guys one of my other accomplishments in Judo.

Each Judo year is made up of qualifying tournaments throughout the year ending with the National Championships, then you get about a month and a half off before it’s back at it again. Some judokas take this ‘break’ and attend camps and training clinics and others just rest and relax.

In the end of 2011, I was really satisfied with my accomplishments and was loosing interest, if I had to be honest. I stuck through it for my dad, I wanted to make him happy and I knew that him seeing me do so well in a sport made him happy. So I kept pushing myself.

During the 11/12 season, I competed in all the qualifying tournaments except for the final one. The last training class before this final tournament, my coach had put me with a man… twice my size… I was so mad about it that instead of walking away, I took that anger and used it as my fuel to this 4 minute fight.

Well it didn’t go that way…. Pardon my language….. But to this day I still do not like the guy. The fat piece of shit decided he couldn’t take my anger anymore and threw safety out the window. This dude flipped a switch and started fighting me like someone he would in a tournament.

No if you remember from my first story, competitors fight their own gender and in specific categories. This lard ass threw me and instead of protecting your partner, he fucking landed and rolled over me!!

My shoulder cracked multiple times and I was left rolling on the mats screaming in pain before anyone made an effort to come check on me…. A little back story; my family was the black sheep of the club.. me and my brother we’re amazing fighters but didn’t participate in the social aspect of the club, so this made us the outsiders.

Honestly, I’m not surprised that not even my coach jumped to come and help me that night either. Out of all the instructors and coaches I had from that club, he was close to the bottom of my favourites…

Anyways back to my story, that night, my dad told me to sleep on it see how I feel in the morning then we’d go to the hospital.(It was probably close to 10pm by the time we got home). Of course, it didn’t feel any better in the morning so off to the hospital we went. Sure enough, I had a separated shoulder!

Over the next couple weeks, between doctors appointments, physiotherapy and struggling with school, I was at a debate with myself. Was I ready to say goodbye to my childhood sport? Was I finally ready to move on with my life?

My dad and myself brought shared my feelings with my coach and of course he convinced me not to quit. I was upset that I wouldn’t be attending that years national championships. I couldn’t have the chance to defend my 1st place win, I was robbed of this opportunity.

My coach somehow convinced me to full achieve everything in judo before I leave. Yes he convinced me to go for my black belt… Let the weeks of different training and practicing happen.

I studied, trained and practice everything with my partner for over 4 months! We attended black belt clinics, special classes and information sessions. While everyone else was training for tournaments, we were going over terminology and technique.

The day came for the official black belt grading. We loaded up the car and headed to Richmond Hill, spending most of the day waiting around. My time came to finally shine, I said to my partner one last time before entering the room, please don’t make me look bad! If she knew it would be one of the last times she would see me, she probably would have…

Of course, you know, I passed! The next class at my club, they announced it and presented me with my temporary belt while they ordered me a custom one. To this day, I still do not have that custom belt HAHA.

That’s my story of how and why I got my black belt, in a way it’s helpful and on the other hand it’s annoying to know that I have that in my back pocket. I hope you guys enjoyed my story! – Malcolm’s Mommy

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