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Recap Of Winter Bucket List

Hey guys! Although winter isn’t over just yet, I wanted to do update you guys on how our Holiday/Winter Bucket List went. During Blogmas I created a list of things I wanted to do with Malcolm for his first Christmas/Winter!

Gift of Lights

The first thing on our bucket list was the Bingeman’s Gift of Lights, we were lucky enough to attend the event during their walk through night! You can check out how that trip went here.

Lambert’s Lights

The Lambert’s Lights was the second event on our list! However, we did not get the chance to visit the house, hopefully next year we’ll have more luck.

Sparkles in the Park

For the Sparkles in the Park, we made MANY attempts to go but each time something came up. Either the weather, Malcolm’s attitude or just life events got in the way of our plans.

Decorate a Christmas Tree

This year, Malcolm got the opportunity to see three different Christmas trees set up for his first Christmas. He had over a month to destroy them but he only was interested mainly in the strings of beads.

Build a Snowman

Before the new year, daddy had built Malcolm his own snow man! Malcolm didn’t really experience to much of Winter this year but what he did experience, he LOVED!

Meet Santa

Malcolm got the chance to meet Santa not only once, twice, but three times this year. The first time didn’t go over to well, second not to much better but the third time, I got the hang of how to handle it, haha. You can read about Malcolm’s First Visit With Santa here and view pictures from Malcolm’s Second Visit With Santa here. On Christmas Eve, Santa visited the streets of Rockwood to visit all the kiddies before bed.

Dress up like Santa

Malcolm’s Christmas Pj’s/morning outfit was in fact a Santa suit. He looked so adorable!

Sing Christmas Carols

If you consider Nana and Grandma singing Christmas tunes to Malcolm as singing Christmas carols then I guess we did complete singing Christmas carols.

Custom Ornament

We we’re luck enough to receive one of these ornaments from the purchasing grandmas at Nana’s work. I wish I had taken a picture of it before we packed it away for the year.

I would say we did pretty good for our Holiday/Winter Bucket List! In the next coming weeks as spring approaches, I’ll post our spring bucket list, for now, enjoy this snowy day.

– Malcolm’s Mommy

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