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Daylight Savings | How I Figure Out The Difference

Hey guys! Most of the World will be turning their clocks forward an hour within the next month! Up until today, I thought that the whole world participates in Daylight Savings Time(DST)… Today I learned that countries like China and Japan do not utilize Daylight Savings Time! As for Canada and the United States, tonight’s our night!

For the countries that do participate in DST, they don’t all start and end the same time. The main reasons for DST is to take advantage of the summer days. DST shifts the sun from the morning to the evenings, so rather then sleeping during the hour of sun, we’ll still be able to enjoy the sunsets long after dinner!

Untill a few years ago, I was always asking which is which when it comes to DST. I can’t remember who told me this little hint, but I’ve always remember every year since.

‘Spring forward, fall back’

In Canada, we put our clocks forward an hour in the spring, and in the fall we put them back an hour. Pretty simple right… I thought so!

Thank you for reading! – Malcolm’s Mommy


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