My Opinion on Standard Vs. Automatic

Happy Sunday Everyone! How are my fellow Canadian’s and American’s making out after the time change lastnight? Recently I’ve been involved in a lot of car talk and buying a new car. I personally do not know how to drive standard!!! I am an automatic driver…. for now…. I wanted to share with you guys my opinion on standard versus automatic cars.

Recently I’ve been involved in the decision of buying a car… Scary, I know! When I learned to drive, I learned on an automatic and that’s all I’ve ever drove. I never got experience on ATVs or dirt bikes or anything that uses a clutch and changing gears. As for most of the people around me, they know how to drive standard. I guess my turn to learn is in the near future.

In my honest opinion, I believe that standard drivers ar the better drivers.. When it comes to driving and automatic, there’s not much really to it other then put it in drive, park, pressing the gas and the brake…. when traveling long distances or even at the end of a busy work day, a standard driver has a better chance of being able to pay attention and focus more. Driving an automatic is easy and if I had to be honest, easy to fall asleep behind the wheel.

Summer 2017, I was working night shift at Tim Horton’s and driving automatic home, I did fall asleep once…. It was so hard to keep myself focused and awake, after 5 nights straight, it got harder and harder to stay awake. Where as someone who drives a standard, they are constantly switching gears so they are forced to pay attention.

I also believe that the new distracted driving laws shouldn’t really apply to standard drivers. In that, I mean in regards to eating, smoking and drinking (Non-Alcoholic). As a standard driver, they are always use to having one hand on the wheel and one moving back and forth from the shifter to the wheel…. so why can’t they eat or smoke while driving? They always have one hand busy and not on the wheel anyways?

My last opinion on standard drivers is that they should have lower insurance rates. In the way that they are always on the ball, paying attention and have the ability to multi-task. I believe this makes them better drivers then someone who drives an automatic.

Thank you for reading, what is your opinion on standard versus automatic??

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– Malcolm’s Mommy

9 thoughts on “My Opinion on Standard Vs. Automatic

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  1. Time change hasn’t hit the UK yet but it’s already getting so much lighter in the evenings which I love! Sadly I can’t drive at the moment for health reasons so I’m not learning yet, but I live in London where unless you have a family, or you need a car for work, it’s not that necessary- although I think I would go for an automatic

    Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

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    1. I love how the days start to get longer before the time change happens, it’s like a little taste of what’s coming! & I never really relied on a car until I moved out of the city, automatic was my go too & I’m terrified to learn standard


  2. It is interesting to see people’s perspective on manual vs automatic cars. My car is automatic with the option to put the car to manual and there are paddle shifters. I mean these days, you’d only want a manual if you’re really into racing but otherwise, automatics are made really efficient now.

    Nancy ♥

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    1. ouu I have a friend who has the same thing in his car, I’d love to stick to just the automatic even thou a lot of people say that standard is really fun to drive


  3. My husband would have loved the lower insurance part, all he does is drive standard. Learning to drive standard is not easy but it’s so much fun when you finally get the hang of it! However as a mom I have to say that wouldn’t work for me because most o the time I have one hand tryin to calm my baby in the back. I’ll stick to my automatic


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