4 Month Update & Malcolm Goes For Surgery!

It’s been a long 4 months since I’ve really posted anything! Malcolm’s been growing up and learning a lot and FAST!

He’s completely confident with walking, running and he loves his bike/stroller rides! To pass the time in our days, he plays in his pool and sandbox and watches The Wiggles and Alvin and The Chipmunks!!

He’s learned to scribble and use a chalk board. He knows A LOT but doesn’t say many words…

We know he knows a lot because he knows simple instructions like ‘grab me your pillow if you hungry’ as well as answer not so simple questions like ‘did you just poop’ he’ll shake his head yes or no 😂

At 16 months old, his world is about to be turned upside down!! On Thursday, we’re headed into Hamilton for Laparoscopic Orchidopexy surgery. Not many people know what this surgery is even though it’s fairly common!

I’ve probably said it before but Malcolm is our one ball wonder 😍 well this week that could allll change!

The day after Malcolm was born, the pediatric doctor told us that Malcolm only had one testicle. When he was 1 month old, he was sent for an ultrasound where the testicle was not seen. Then we got referred to McMaster Children’s Hospital to deal with the undescended/unfound testicle.

Fast forward to a year old…. May 3rd we attended Mac where we found out that our one ball wonder will have to go through surgery…

At our appointment in May 2018, the doctor had told us that the one testicle he does have, is larger then the normal size testicle and that they could feel the Nubbin (the cord that leads to the testicle). He told us that the surgery is better to have done around a year old.

So for the last year we’ve sat with the mindset he may or may not need surgery… Well May 2019 made those realizations and fears come true!!

This Thursday, Malcolm will be having a scope put in through his belly button, they will try to find the undescended testicle. If they do find it, they will pull it down and attach it, if they don’t find it, they will cut the nubbin because it only increases his risk of getting cancer later in life.

The one question that many people have asked me, How will that effect his chances to have children? The doctors have assured us that it will not effect his chances at all!!

For now, we’ll enjoy the sassy life of a 16 month old and hope for all the best on Thursday and during his healing!

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