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Blogmas 2018 | Wrap Up & Review

I wanted to write a post to wrap up how my blogmas did & create a post where all of my blogmas content can be found. I wanted to do this before the New Year but thought it would be too much... But the more I'm seeing, a lot of bloggers are doing it so… Continue reading Blogmas 2018 | Wrap Up & Review


Malcolm’s First Christmas / Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone ! We've had quite a busy day and still more to go. I thought I'd take this down time in this crazy day to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! I hope the jolly ol' fella was nice to everyone this year! As for Malcolm, he got SPOILED! I guess you can… Continue reading Malcolm’s First Christmas / Merry Christmas


Malcolm’s Christmas Eve

It's Finally Christmas Eve! We've made it! Today's a very laid back but eventful day & we're so ready for the Christmas festivities!! To start the day off, Malcolm relaxed and played for the morning while mama got some time to fit in some planing and promoting. When grandma woke up, she took over 'supervising'… Continue reading Malcolm’s Christmas Eve


The Winter Tag

I'm so excited to take part in a winter tag! & I'm even more excited that I was nominated by Beth over at The Makeup by Beth. For those of you who don't know, The Winter Tag consists of answering questions, stating random facts about yourself then nominating 12 other bloggers. So here we go and… Continue reading The Winter Tag


Why I say Merry Christmas…

Happy Sunday Everyone, Yesterday I came back to complete blogmas after a really rough week, you can check it out here The Dreaded Fireplace We're 2 days away from Christmas and the annual blues have finally hit me. This year unlike every other year, I stayed home during the shopping season. I completed all my… Continue reading Why I say Merry Christmas…


The Dreaded Fireplace

Hey all, I've taken a little bit of a break from blogmas, it's been a rough week and little to no sleep has been achieved. Lots of caffeine, and lots of yawns but I plan to take this week to relax and just rest. To come back into blogmas I've decided to write about the… Continue reading The Dreaded Fireplace


Gift Of Lights

Welcome to day 19 of Blogmas, were almost there guys!! If you've been following us this month then you've probably seen my bucket list for this season, if not you can check it out here. Holiday Bucket List With Malcolm. Included in that list was the Bingemans - Gift of Lights, we decided to attend during there… Continue reading Gift Of Lights


Hawaiian Millionaire Pie

You've made it to #17 of my Blogmas, THANK YOU! Honestly, it means so much that you're still keeping up with me. For today's post, I chose to finally let you guys in on my all time favourite Christmas Dessert. My mom came across this recipe a few years ago, and I instantly fell in… Continue reading Hawaiian Millionaire Pie


Stocking Stuffer Ideas

My blogmas post #16 is for the last minute shoppers, not specifically because that's just who you are but because you couldn't think of what to get for someone. Today's post will give a general list of what to put in anyone's stocking (male or female) Snacks - Chocolates, Peanuts, Juice Electronic Gadgets - Headphones,… Continue reading Stocking Stuffer Ideas


What’s on my Christmas 🎄

This year in my household, we have two trees; the main tree (my mom's) and a smaller tree in Malcolm's Den. For day #15 of Blogmas, I decided to share with you some of the meaningful ornaments on Malcolm's Christmas tree. While my mom was putting up her tree, I managed to find the meaningful… Continue reading What’s on my Christmas 🎄