How my community celebrates Christmas

Happy Friday, we've almost made it to the weekend! Today I want to share with you how my community celebrates Christmas as my blogmas Post #14. Before I moved to Rockwood, Ontario, my mom always told me every year about the Parade of Lights that goes on. Its always on a Thursday night, every year.… Continue reading How my community celebrates Christmas


Christmas Goodies

Mmmmm, we're pretty much halfway through blogmas, to celebrate, I made today's post about some of my favourite Christmas Treats. Christmas dinners and family gatherings mean baked goods and Christmas treats. You'd be lying if you can't say that you don't get a little bit excited for this every year, or your family just has… Continue reading Christmas Goodies


Top 3; Kids Christmas Movies

Hello, Thank you for keeping up with me so far, I have surprised myself that I have managed to keep up with Blogmas so far. So welcome to day number 12! This being my first Christmas as a mom, my childhood has really come back to me. When it came to picking out well known… Continue reading Top 3; Kids Christmas Movies


Malcolm’s First Christmas Party

Welcome to my 11th day of Blogmas. Today I'm going to share the story of Malcolm's First Christmas Party; including his first visit with Santa. On November 24th, We loaded up the car and headed to good ol' Hamilton for our annual Family Christmas Party. On our way there, randomly I checked the event page… Continue reading Malcolm’s First Christmas Party


A SAHM Christmas Wish List

This is my first Christmas as a SAHM so I figured, including a short a sweet wish list would be perfect to include in my Blogmas. The SAHM in your life might and probably will have different interest and this does not apply to all SAHM. This Christmas I've noticed my wants have really changed… Continue reading A SAHM Christmas Wish List


Stocking stuffer ideas for babies first Christmas

For Day #9 of Blogmas, I've decided to help the new moms for this Christmas. This year has really tested my brain as to what to put in Malcolm's stocking. I decided to create a simple, short and sweet list of things you can put in your baby's first stocking. 1. Socks! 2. Toothbrush 3.… Continue reading Stocking stuffer ideas for babies first Christmas


Collection of some of my favourite Christmas Songs

It's that time of year again, when my brain is completely all over the place and I can't remember much. So when it comes to putting on festive music, my brain completely blanks and I cant think of any Christmas Songs. If you're like me, this quick list will help you out this holiday season!… Continue reading Collection of some of my favourite Christmas Songs

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Dear Santa; The truth behind Santa Letters

Day #7's post for Blogmas might offend some people, and others may get mad that I have picked to expose the truth behind Santa Letters. Every year, boys and girls write letters to Santa and have their parents mail them out or they can even give them to Santa at their local Christmas parades usually.… Continue reading Dear Santa; The truth behind Santa Letters


Christmas Movies

Everyones favourite thing to do on a snowy winter day is cuddle up on the couch and get into some Christmas movies. Here's my top 3 go to Christmas movies; The Grinch (Jim Carey)With the newest Grinch out in theatres I think this is a perfect time to express how much I love the Jim… Continue reading Christmas Movies