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Blogmas 2018 | Wrap Up & Review

I wanted to write a post to wrap up how my blogmas did & create a post where all of my blogmas content can be found. I wanted to do this before the New Year but thought it would be too much... But the more I'm seeing, a lot of bloggers are doing it so… Continue reading Blogmas 2018 | Wrap Up & Review


A SAHM Christmas Wish List

This is my first Christmas as a SAHM so I figured, including a short a sweet wish list would be perfect to include in my Blogmas. The SAHM in your life might and probably will have different interest and this does not apply to all SAHM. This Christmas I've noticed my wants have really changed… Continue reading A SAHM Christmas Wish List

Life of A

Shipping Rant

This past summer, I gained a really close and good friend that shocked me back in the fall. I've never had someone ask me this so I was taken for a little bit of a surprise. She asked me if we were going to exchange Christmas gifts this year! I was so happy because gifts… Continue reading Shipping Rant


Tips for Christmas shopping

Everyone knows, come December that the stores and malls are PACKED with people! After Black Friday, in Canada and the US (I can imagine) the holiday shopping season just takes off! In todays blogmas post, I'll share some of my personal tips and things the friends and family do to accomplish a successful Christmas run.… Continue reading Tips for Christmas shopping


When is to EARLY to start Christmas shopping?

A question I really want to answer, and really it's MY OPINION! When is to early to start Christmas shopping? All summer, I spent my time online looking at gifts for Malcolm for his first Christmas! His father, every time I picked up a package from the post office, would give me shit for shopping… Continue reading When is to EARLY to start Christmas shopping?