February Round Up

Hey guys! Yesterday was so beautiful, but it was probably just a tease of spring. I'm so happy that it's finally march, it's going to be a busy month but I'm so excited for everything! From baby showers too birthdays, every weekend this month will be a busy one! For today's post, I wanted to... Continue Reading →

Somewhere I’d LOVE to take Malcolm!

Hey everyone ! Now that the holidays are over and things are starting to settle down again, getting back into normal routine. I thought I'd share with you guys somewhere that I'd LOVE to take M to. I've heard rumor that the attractions in West-Edmonton Mall are slowly starting to shut down. Since I was... Continue Reading →

Happy New Years

I'd like to wish all my fellow family, friends and bloggers a very safe and happy New Years! For those going out, please be smart and safe and if you chose to drink please DO NOT get behind the wheel and drive. I wish every one the very best in 2019 & I'm excited to... Continue Reading →


Hey all, today's the last Friday of 2018!! It didn't hit me till I looked at the calendar this morning; but this has been the last official week of 2018..... I'm full of mixed emotions on this year finally ending and moving onto 2019! Today marks Malcolm's 9 month birthday 🎉 He's growing so fast... Continue Reading →

Blogmas 2018

Welcome to Malcolm's Mommy's 2018 Blogmas! This year, starting December 2nd, I decided that I will be participating in #Blogmas. For anyone who doesn't know what Blogmas is, its essentially a time at Christmas when people from the Blogging world attempt to write one post every day until Christmas. It's like Blogtober but Christmas and... Continue Reading →

We’re Back !!

Recently my life was flipped upside down & thrown for a loop... Over the last couple weeks, I've been packing, cleaning, moving, unpacking and just trying to get my life organized. Through all of this both Malcolm and I came down with a cold, but we haven't let it stop us yet. My belongings and... Continue Reading →

NoseFrida; The Snotsucker

Any parents out there dread when their little one gets a cold or stuffy nose? Having to use that ball nasal aspirator to try and decongest your child? Every have any luck with those dang things? Last week, Malcolm came down with a cold & has been really congested. For the first couple days I... Continue Reading →

Rockwood Conservation in the Fall

My favorite thing to do in the fall is take my camera and go for an adventure in the Rockwood Conservation Area. The added bonus is that it's only a 3 minute walk from my front door. I love the Rockwood Conservation Area any time of the year because there's many paths and different sort... Continue Reading →

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