Story Time | Judo Black Belt

Welcome to my monthly story time everyone! Last month I shared with you guys the story of my National Judo Champion Journey. Today I want to share with you guys one of my other accomplishments in Judo. Each Judo year is made up of qualifying tournaments throughout the year ending with the National Championships, then... Continue Reading →

Story Time – National Judo Champion

Welcome to my monthly story time. Today I'm going to share with you guys an accomplishment of mine that I'm very proud of! Many of my youth years were spent training in a dojo, traveling around Canada for trainings, clinics, and competitions. A sport not known by many. Judo meaning the gentle way, belonging the... Continue Reading →

Fun-Fact Friday

Happy Friday Everyone! For today's post I thought I would attempt a 'fun-fact Friday'. Here's a random list of 10 fun facts about myself; I CANNOT stand fish 🤮 I was in Air Cadets when I was younger ✈️ In 2011 I was National Champion in Judo 🥋 I've worked at 2 different Tim Hortons... Continue Reading →

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